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VID29 Stepper Motor
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  • The VID29 series stepper motor

    The VID29 series stepper motor is a patented stepping motor design. The product is mainly used in dashboard instrumentation and digital indicator equipment to transfer a digital signal into an accurate analog display. The VID29 series has a 4 gears design construction in order to guarantee high efficiency, high position accuracy and a robust gear system. The unique gear shape design reduces friction and noise. A special material is used for each component to increase liability & safety .

    High speed rotation: 600°/sec.
    High μ-step resolution: 1/12°.
    Wide working voltage: 3.5~10V.
    Wide working temperature: -40 ~ 105℃.
    Low current consumption.
    Extremely robust construction: Ф30mm X 7.6mm.

    Automotive cluster , Motorbike cluster , Digital instrumentation system .

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