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What is composed of LCD display module?
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  • What is composed of LCD display module?


    What is composed of LCD display module? Let's introduce below:

    For big size or color LCD display, typically take up control system much resource or cannot achieve control, such as 320 x 240256 color color of LCM, in 20 games/SEC (that is, a second full screen refresh 20 times), according to a second up to the amount of data transmission alone:

    320 x 240 x 8 x 20 = 11.71875 Mb or 1.465 Mb

    If the standard MCS51 series single chip, assuming that reuse MOVX instructions for these data, considering the address calculation time, need to take at least 421.875 MHz clock to complete data transmission, visible processing huge amount of data.

    LCM (LCDModule) LCD display module, LCD module, refers to the liquid crystal display device, fitting, control and drive the peripheral circuit, such as PCB, back light, components assembly components together.

    It provides the user with a standard LCD display driver interface (have four, eight, VGA and so on the different types), the user to operate according to requirements of the interface to control the LCD display correctly. LCM compared with glass is a higher level of integration of LCD products, for small size LCD display, LCM can be more convenient with the various microcontroller (such as single chip microcomputer) connection;

    Because of the different materials and technologies used in liquid crystal display, some of its parameters is compared commonly fixed collocation, this requires more intelligent monitor the performance of the adjustment, in this respect they all have their own mature technology, in general, there are two main types, one is similar EMCAuto - set automatic adjustment and optimal setting function, as long as one of the parameters for adjustment, other parameters automatically adjusted to the appropriate data, and is the best value, ensure that showed the best effect. Another kind is to use a single bond recovery function, namely, prefabricated a key, just one click, you can set all parameters to change back to the factory booking.

    Traditional CRT display tube due to the use of imaging technology, need to hide inside the vacuum tube, and in the end with a gun, make its are more than 30 centimeters in length, and the volume of the whole display is, of course. Such as liquid crystal display USES LCD materials, then the corresponding imaging display purposes, not installed inside the display picture tube, volume small, of course, like EMC 15 inch LCD BM - 568, the volume is only half of the 19 inch CRT monitor volume to a third, greater flexibility when it is placed, and its small volume, of course, its weight is reduced greatly.

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